Government has already declared a serious of measures for the safety of women in Delhi. But most of these measures are limited to Delhi and that too limited to safety of bus. It would be day dreaming to think that the next such incident will occur only in a bus. It will surely take the Government much more time to come with a broader plan for the safety of women elsewhere in Delhi as well as the country as a whole. Let’s discuss some of the measures has come up with in this regard. Discussions on these measures are welcome and your comments will help us further fine tune it.

1. Targeting the Roots :

–          Any solution to a problem must first target the root cause of it even though it  might not help in immediate resolution of the problem, it will create an atmosphere for change.

a)      Social Behaviour Subjects in School Curriculum (Std 8th to 10th )

Schools all across the country should immediate start a new subject for students from standard 8th to 10th (Govt Schools, Private Schools) which teaches them exclusively about how to behave in public and society in general. The subject should not limit itself to behaving with women but also teach students their social responsibility to help others in need. Students much to taught to fight against discrimination based on caste, sex , region etc

b)      Compulsory enrolment of Street kids in Govt Schools for these programs

If the government cannot afford to provide free education to all the non school going kids, it should at least consider enrolling them in a limited hours evening school program for street kids which teaches them social behaviour. This will also help in removing and finding street kids who are forced by people to beg. This is an area where the NGO’s need to focus in the country. Some of the NGO’s are already doing this great work in India but more has to be done.

2. Respect for women:

–          Most men and women might not even think that they might have disrespected a women or girl publicly at some moment in their life. For example I have seen tons of posts on Facebook which target girl and women. Some say, girls are cheats – others say girls betray more than guys, and some make fun of how women are dumb using a ATM or driving a car. And I have seen tons of comments of not only guys but even girls who agree with this. But if all you think deep, this is where the problem starts. You are creating a mindset where people think bad about women and girls in society. No doubt there will be good girls and bad girls just like good men and good women, but discrimination of the basis of sex will not take us anywhere.

–          Most of the disrespect for women, come from some form of anger. Some guy who gets dumped from a  girl, starts seeing every other women with same sort of anger forgetting that he himself has a sister and mother. Some guy who thinks a girl is promoted in his own place, disregarding his own abilities , again develops anger for all the girls in society. So HR managers should always promote on the ability of person and make sure you explain the reasons for not promoting somebody so that he is convinced fully.

3. Book Drunk on Streets:

–          Most of the abuse of women is reported done by drunk people. I have seen tons of people roaming freely drunk in streets and public transportation systems in the country. Ban use of public transport for drunk people completely. A drunk person should only be allowed to use his/her own vehicle accompanied by a non-drunk driver. Anybody found violating this should be immediately put behind bars for 10 days without a fine. A separate helpline number should be created by the government to report drunk people in public places and transport.  This should apply to a drunk girl as well as they themselves are creating disrespect for women.

4. Good Politicians:

–          This is the most hard part of the entire story. People have always advocated that no politician with criminal background should ever be elected but this happens always. Most of rudely behaving goondas who  do these kinds of deeds do it because they think they are above the law and protected by the politician nexus they have. This is something which the top leaders of all political parties in India should agree and decide that they will never give a ticket to people who will misuse their power to create trouble. Instead such people should be locked up in jails so that they are in no position to motivate others to become just like them. Top political leaders should make sure that their representatives are using their power for the betterment of all people and not just the ones closer to them.

5. Police Force Transformation:

–          Police force in India needs lots of transformation as they have lost the respect of general public. How can the general public trust them when they themselves saw them drunk at some point or other? TV channels have reported these kinds of incidents in the past, where they were partying inside police stations at some places and some were sleeping. More stringent tests should be conducted on all the police stations at surprise intervals by the CBI. Officers found guilty should be immediately terminated from service with no questions asked whatsoever.

–          Moral education and social responsibility training should be provided to all existing police force in the country. Police should know that they are working for the social cause and are social workers.

6. Use of High End Technology:

–          It’s a shame that India being a leader in technological software exports all around the world doesn’t use the technology for its own security and its people. Recently, govt introduced fitting of GPS in govt. transport in Delhi. Why did they wait for an incident to implement this before? Along with GPS, high resolution satellite live imagery should be used for immediate tracking of culprits. More live cameras should be fitted on every street and public places including public transport.  India can use its good relation with the United States for implementation of some of these high end tracking systems. It’s an irony that India supplies most of the software for these systems to work in US and India itself doesn’t use it.

7. Fighting Corruption:

–          This is already a hot issue in India and Government must note that the sense of safety and security in people will arise only if Officers and Authorities cannot be bribed. Corruption not only puts the society at risk but also creates inequality in the society. The rich become more richer and the poor become poorer. People use money power to bribe authorities and become more rich and powerful at the cost of the poor. Government should address the issue of corruption seriously enough for India to be a safer place.

In conclusion, safety for women cannot be guaranteed unless each one in the society works towards achieving this. Government does have a larger role to play, but that doesn’t stop us as individual from doing our part.  This is what Mahatma Gandhi said once “the day a woman can walk freely in midnight all alone on the roads of India, that day we can say that India achieved independence” and that day is yet to come!

2 thoughts on “Steps for Making India a Safer Place for Women”

  1. 1. Every man should be respectful to women: they are your mothers, they are your beloveds. Every woman should be respectful towards men: they are your children, they are your lovers. There is no question of any conflict between man and woman: they are two sides of the same coin.
    2. In the schools, instead of teaching all those unnecessary things, they should be taught the art of living, how to handle the negative qualities, situations, biological forces and should be exposed to more of nature so that they grow naturally.
    3. Sex education and freedom to experience it, has to be given to children without which we cannot grow out of sex.
    Biologically both female and male child have their sexuality at its peak during their teens. That is the age they have to experience sex and get fulfilled so that the sex does not become a problem in his later part of life. But exactly that is the age the society restricts the children from indulging into it.
    4. Identify the activities which the child enjoys doing it and encourage that child to do those activities more & more.
    When child enquires about sex explain to it in detail without inhibition.

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