Steps to hang items on walls at Home

Pictures, mirrors, shelves, lamps, tools, sports equipment — the list of items you can hang on walls is almost endless. To keep them hanging where they belong, you need to […]

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To Eat Local, Or Not To Eat Local? That Is The Question

Once upon a time everyone ate locally.  Every family had a garden and they only bought the food that they couldn’t supply themselves.  Then the farmers of the world discovered […]


Best Hotels in Perth, Australia for a Stay

Here, we bring you a review of best hotels in Perth for a stay for anybody whether you are a honeymoon couple or a family or a business traveler. 1. […]


Trump OR Clinton : What’s best for India?

United States, the world’s oldest democracy will get a new President in few months. Many countries across the world are looking forward to this election as it sets the tone for […]

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Steps for Making India a Safer Place for Women

Government has already declared a serious of measures for the safety of women in Delhi. But most of these measures are limited to Delhi and that too limited to safety […]

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Best Resorts in Goa along the Beach

Instead of straight away providing you with a list of resorts in Goa, lets check what you need to look for mainly in selecting a resort. First of all you […]


World’s Most Expensive Cars in 2013

1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport : Costs $1,700,000 – $ 2,400,000 – This car is also one of the fastest cars in the world, with speeds capable of 0-60 in […]

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