There are a lot of things to see on this famous “Hill of the Jews” – the fortress Castell de Montjuïc, Palau Nacional, the Olympic Stadium, Font Magica fountains, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, a modern art museum Fundació Joan Miró, the Catalan museum of archaeology and others.

Opened in 1957, this stadium can fit 98,772 people, making it the largest stadium in Europe and 11th largest in the world. It is also a UEFA 5-star rated stadium and has been the venue for many important events including the UEFA Champions League finals. Besides football, this stadium has also been used by numerous music artists such as Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra. It is currently the home to the famous football club FC Barcelona.

Built in the year 1900 to 1914 by the famous Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi, this garden complex is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. From here, you can see the whole of Barcelona cityscape including Sagrada Familia and Montjuïc area. It is also in this area that you will find the famous mosaic dragon designed by Gaudi. As a matter of fact, most parts of the terraces and pathways have been designed by Gaudi.

This giant temple is one of Gaudi’s most famous works in Barcelona. The construction started in 1882 and is scheduled to finish in 2026. There are 3 grand facades namely Nativity, Glory and Passion. Each has its own uniqueness and design. The interior is also a very complicated design and built using different materials. This has to be one of the MUST SEE locations if you happen to visit Barcelona.

This house is also known as “House of Bones” due to its design. The design of the house uses skeletal, organic and underwater elements. The walls are being coloured in such a way that you can actually feel you’re in an underwater world (the walls look like water). Also, it is very hard to find a straight line in the entire house. At the rooftop, you can actually notice that it looks like the back of a dragon. A very remarkable work by Gaudi.

This is another work of Antonio Gaudi. The house, also known as La Pedrera, has been completed in 1912 but was in a very bad condition in the 1980s, only to have it restored to its former glory few years later. The rooftop might look a little like the bench from Park Guell and the entire building looks pretty much like steep cliff walls used by the African tribes for their cave-like homes. Besides that, you also get to visit an apartment here where most of the interior design has been done by Gaudi himself and also a museum which contains information on Gaudi and his methods of designing.

It is the site of Santa Maria de Montserrat which hosts the Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary and has been said by some as the location of the Holy Grail in Arthurian myth. You can enjoy very spectacular scenery from this mountain and also the amazing rock formation.

This concert hall was built in between 1905 and 1908, and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Its interior is very well designed, boasting one of the world’s most beautiful concert halls. It is also the only auditorium in Europe which is illuminated by natural light during daytime. Definitely a beautiful work of art. To visit this place, you can either get concert tickets or participate in a guided tour.

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