Technology is moving fast, and unless you’re a Luddite stuck in the middle ages, you’re doing your best to keep up. Wireless networks can bring convenience and speed to a technologically advanced world, but getting all of your equipment set up can often be a frustrating hassle. At this moment, you may be trying to streamline your own wireless network right at home. If you already have a wireless network in place, configuring your TiVo DVR to connect to your network is relatively simple.

1. Connect your Tivo to your wireless internet adapter using a USB cable. A USB cable has two identical ends that look like large telephone cable plugs. Plug one end of it into the USB port on your wireless router and the other end into the USB port on the TiVo.

2. Configure your TiVo. The beauty of wireless Internet is that it will automatically pick up the new signal and configure your TiVo box. If for some reason it does not automatically configure, don’t worry; you can do it manually.

3. Manually configure your TiVo if needed. Go to TiVo Central by pressing the “TiVo” button on the top of your remote control. Once in Tivo Central, click “Messages and Settings,” followed by “Settings” and then “Phone & Network.”

4. Change network settings. Scroll down the menu until you highlight “Use network instead” and press “Select.” Most TiVo DVRs are connected to your cable through a phone cord, so be sure you are changing your settings from using the phone line to using the network instead.

5. Choose your network. On the “Wireless Network Name” screen, you will see the names of all the available networks. Your network will be in this list, so simply highlight the name of your Internet provider and press “Select.”

6. If necessary, enter your password. If your wireless network uses a WPA encryption, a screen will automatically prompt you to enter your password. Simply highlight your password format like a WEP Key–this may be alphanumeric or hexadecimal, according to your password type–and enter your password.

7. Connect to your network. The setup screen will ask for an IP address to do so. In most cases, you will want to have the TiVo automatically obtain it from the DHCP server. Once you’ve entered the necessary information, you will need to wait a few minutes for your TiVo to connect to your wireless Internet. If the network has been set up correctly, you will see a screen that reads “Network Setup Complete.”

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