Making your customers feel secure when using a credit card on your website is of utmost importance.  If a customer does not feel the site is secure you will not get their business and they will go somewhere else.
1. Make it known what your security and privacy statements are.   Have them readily available on your site.  Talk about what you have in place to protect the potential customers.  Also, let the customers know what your stance on buying and selling personal data is.  For instance, if you are planning on selling their personal information (name, phone number, address, etc.) they might not be interested in using your website because it could be detrimental in the long run.

2. Make all users of your website register.  Give each user their own unique username and password.  This helps insure that only the user can access their account.  This is standard practice now and will help them feel more comfortable with using your site.

3. Make sure to have security systems in place such as Secure Socket Layer, Secure Electronic Transaction, and digital signature certificates.  This will help encrypt and secure the data, and thus, make it harder for information to be intercepted and decoded.

4. It is good to have an electronic payment service in place.  One good example of this is CyberCash.  Services like this are set up through banks.  These services act like a secure site, merchant account and purchase guarantee firm.

5. Sometimes it is good to offer different methods of payments.  List fax numbers, telephone numbers, or your address on your website.  Also, include necessary forms that customers need to complete for their orders.

6. Contact the Better Business Bureau to have them critique and evaluate your site for security.  It is also good to ask them for recommendations to better your site as well.  An alternative to the Better Business Bureau that you can contact is the National Computer Security Association.  If you meet the standards of these companies, you can post their logos on your site.  This is the best thing that can happen.  It tells the world, and most importantly your customers, that your site is secure and their security is a top priority to you.

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