Will be precise to the maximum extent possible:

On Site Factors:
1. Make site as fast as possible (Page load times).
2. Content not only unique but Content which is loved by user!
– Content should have the ability to make user stay longer on the page
3. User friendly navigation systems
4. Keep the code simple and updated. Use latest technologies(HTML5, CSS3,jQuery, Ajax)
5. Social buttons and interactions
6. Update site regularly

Off Site Factors:
1. Don’t use aggressive ling building.
2. Slowly build links keeping in mind certain factors:
– A Mix of nofollow and dofollow links with more weight on nofollow : Maybe a ratio of 65:35 in favor of nofollow
– Links from related sites only and that too from within related content
– Links built on Branded Anchor texts rather than Target keywords
– Better ratio would be 80:20 in favor of Branded Anchor text and 20% for long tail keywords combined with branded names
3. Links from a variety of sources ( All high quality content sites) citations, press releases, classfieds, blogs, profiles and many more
4. Build links not for just backlinks but for traffic too
5. Include social media pages for link building eg. google plus page, facebook page, pinterest etc
6. Don’t over do link building.

Social Media Strategy:
1. Involve and add regular visitors and update social media pages regularly
2. Provide incentives to social media fans to keep them engaged
3. Keep the interaction to maintain a client- business relationship


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