Build muscle with protein by utilizing it in an educated and calculating way.
1. Stimulate your muscle building protein and your body’s need for more protein through resistance training. Engage in at least three 15-minute weight lifting workouts per week.

2. Eat in conjunction with exercise. This is a key element to making significant and substantial gains. Understand the more protein in your system, the more the body uses it to accommodate the need for more muscle, allowing your workouts to become more intense.

3. Consume as you grow. You will take in at least 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh every day & spread the intake across 5 or 6 small meals over the course of a single day. Rather than consuming three larger–or square meals–you’ll be keeping your metabolism stoked and your muscles fed constantly.

4. Utilize your body’s natural response to the increase in both metabolism and hormone release by giving it more and more of what it wants. Incorporate whey powder and protein bars to fuel your muscle growth in one or two of your meals during the day. The added grams of protein you consume are instantly fed to your muscles, keeping them alert and energized all day long and while you sleep.

5. Learn the value of pre and post workout snacking. Consume a small amount of protein prior to a workout and finish the remainder immediately afterwards. Continue to do this even on your aerobic days.

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