Car Aquarium………

Are you ever seen the car aquarium?? Yes their is a car aquarium & is present at the Siam Ocean World in the Siam Paragon shopping center in Bangkok. There is a fabulous car there that cannot be driven. Why? The reasion behind these is that his car is filled to the top with water!!!!!!!!

For the dozens of fish call this is a extremely modified vehicle as their home. The doors to this car are welded shut just in case if any  person thinks it funny to release that much water and fish onto the mall floor. Below one is video showing these Car Aquarium…………….

Jellyfish Aquarium………..

Are you seen the Jallyfish?? The Aquapict Jellyfish aquarium which is present in Japan shows beautiful color changing jellyfish swimming as they do in the deep sea but none of them are real. These are made with highly realistic silicone. The Aquapict jellyfish swim and change color subtly with the five color LED lighting system that is red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. They move by a slow current which is created in the tank that does not have an obvious flow or bubbles that make it look fake. It looks unbelievably real and beautiful. Following video shows these Jellyfish looking real…………..


These iPond is combination of iPod & Aquarium. The iPond is an iPod accessory which combines a speaker with a tiny aquarium. A single fish can lives in about 650 millilitres of water. It’s all the rage in Australia but some of the people consider it as animal cruelty.

The fighting ability of fish to breathe air from the surface, the tank was far too small for it to receive adequate oxygen. The small volume of water would lead to rapid change in temperature  and this meant the tropical fish would not live long……………


This is an world’s largest cylindrical aquarium. These aquarium placed at the lobby of the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin. These is  the 25 meters high AquaDom & is the largest cylindrical aquarium ever built. These aquarium is filled with about 900,000 liters of seawater &  it contains some 2600 fish of 56 species.

The giant AquaDom gives a transparent like feeling to the lobby by combining with a vast amount of sandblasted glass. Guests and visitors are able to travel through the aquarium in a glass which is enclosed elevator to reach a sightseeing point and restaurant under the glass roof. Their are two full-time divers who are responsible for the care and feeding of the fish and maintenance of the aquarium. The AquaDom in December 2003 was opened & cost is about 12.8 million euros……….

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