Nestled at an altitude of 1864.5 meters (6117 feet), Annandale is a glade, and in fact the largest stretch of flat ground in and around Shimla. During the British rule, the place was used as a venue of their fetes, dances and other celebrations, which later became the Gymkhana club. Being the only flat ground for miles around, the glade served as the perfect playground and venue of horse races, archery competitions, croquet, and football tournaments. In the present day, Annandale is a popular picnic spot and a place to enjoy a game of cricket, football and polo. It also has a 9-hole golf course, which along with the cricket ground is maintained by the Army.

In the days of Raj, Annandale was the place for fairs, balls, outdoor parties and get-togethers. Tents would be pitched and make-shift dance floors laid out, while hundreds of lanterns hanging from the surrounding trees flickered in the darkness. With the passage of time, the British went on to establish a more permanent structure for their entertainment, the Annandale Club House.

The club has a library, sitting room, dining room, tennis court, cricket pitch, golf course and a shooting range. The army also uses the glade for carrying out its exercise regime, and as a helipad to receive visiting dignitaries.

The largest stretch of Flat ground in Shimla. The site is very peaceful and free of irritants. You will be under a strong sun if visiting at noon. Carry your sunshades, sunblock cream and a bottle of drinking water. The scenic beauty of Shimla can be admired through the year. A visit to Annandale can be clubbed with a trek to the Glen Forest as they are both in the same region.

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  1. Can you tell me if Annandale has any connection with the Scots Border town of the same name and 2.Having recently visited your club I was quite taken by the military museum attached. I have a relative who was Indian Army, Col of his regiment before WW2.and I wondered if you keep any form of archive where he may be found. Sincerely Alan Markland.

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