Bhatta Falls is about 7-kilometer (4.3 miles) from Mussoorie, off the Dehradun-Mussoorie Road. From the main road towards Mussoorie, there is a steep lane off on one side that winds downwards to the Bhatta Falls. Buses or shared auto-rickshaws can bring you to the Fall area from main Mussoorie town. Further on, you need to walk down a 3-kilometer (1.86 miles) trail to arrive at the falls. Private cars and taxis can go right down to the Bhatta Falls, since the road has been repaired recently. Bhatta falls has been developed as a beautiful picnic spot, with a small stream running through the site. You can get your picnic basket and find a spot under the shade of a tree along the bank. The stream is full of algae, and hence not suitable for a swim. The main picnic area, however, has a separate pond where you can enjoy a refreshing dip. You can even boat on the pond if you like. The site has slides and swings for children. The beauty of Bhatta Falls lies in the humbling view of the mountains it opens up.

It is recommended that visitors carry lunch since the eateries here are only a handful. This experience involves a lot of walking, so it is advisable to wear your walking shoes. Carry an extra set of clothing if you intend taking a dip. Better to head out from the area for Mussoorie before sunset as it is a difficult drive on a narrow winding road.

The road outside Bhatta village can be reached by bus going up to Mussoorie, shared auto-rickshaws called Vikrams, and private and rented two and four-wheelers. From the main road, there is a road branching out from the highway that leads to Bhatta Falls, which can be covered on foot. Private vehicles are allowed inside. You will be under the open sky of Mussoorie. The sunlight can be strong at noon, so it is advisable to carry your sunshades, sunscreen lotion and a bottle of drinking water.

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