Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a mesmerizing fusion of picturesque beauty, old historic charm and contemporary urban planning. The earlier city Bhojpal was founded by Raja Bhoj in the 11th century, but the modern day city was established by an Afghan warrior, Dost Mohammed. His descendants further built Bhopal into the gorgeous city it is today. Bhopal is rightly famous for its lakes as it has two most stunning lakes – Upper Lake and Lower Lake.

Raja Bhoj created the Upper Lake in Bhopal in the 11th century while the construction of an earthen dam across the Kolans River. One can clearly get the picture of the immaculate planning strategy of the erstwhile rulers that gets manifested through this man –made lake. It is the nucleus of the city and is prominent for its unsurpassed charm and grandeur that still beguiles its visitors. The lake has crystal clear waters and boasts of a tranquil ambience. The lake is an ideal resort for the various thrilling trips by sail, paddle and motorboats. The cool breeze keeps blowing all day long and soothes the fatigued senses of the tourists who come to relax here after a frenzied day of sightseeing. It is also a favored spot for picnics as the tourists and locals enjoy the panoramic views while sipping coffee and munching snacks.

The Lower Lake on the other hand is positioned in the heart of the city so you can take a close look at the city. It is great fun to bask in the beauty of the pristine lake and the panoramic vistas of the city simultaneously. Along with enjoying a languorous stroll around this lake, you can take make good use of the boating and sailing facilities that are provided here.

Significant tourist spots like Government Archeological Museum are also located close to the Lower Lake in Bhopal. Besides, a host of other tourist attractions also lie in close proximity to this stunning lake. These are the Chowk, Van Vihar Safari Park, the Aquarium and the Lakshmi Narayan Temple.

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