Sonagiri means the golden peak. Sonagiri in Madhya Pradesh is located in Datia district. For pious tourists, tourism in Madhya Pradesh essentially incorporates tour to Sonagir which is famous for its Jain temples. Sonagir is also known as a holy site for the Digambar sect of the Jains. History says that King Nanganag Kumar had attained salvation and got liberated from the cycles of death and life in this place. He was followed by millions of his followers. Thus, Jain saints who seek salvation or practice the paths to Nirvana flock to this place.

Places to see around Sonagiri:
*  Visit the main temple which has the idol of Chandraprabhu in meditation.
* The pillar of white stone outside the temple will impress yu with its architecture.
* There are Chhattris on three sides of the pillar having images of all the Jain Tirthankaras.
* You should also visit Temple 60 known as Pisan Hari ka Mandir, which is said to have been built when a poor woman grinded grain with a millstone.
* Temple 59 or the Gumbajdar have minars in the four sides

You can Opt for local buses from Datia to Sonagir. You can also board a taxi from Gwalior and reach Sonagir

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