Pandalam is a holy town near Sabrimala which is the birth place of Lord Ayappa in human form. Named after the Pandalam Royal Family, the city has the famous Valiyakoikal Temple which is located on the banks of river Achenkovil. A few days before the Makar Sankranti, the ornaments of Lord Ayappa is taken in a procession from Pandalam to Sabrimala. Sabrimala is called to be the revered place where Lord Ayappa started meditating after killing Mahishashura. Legends say that Ayappa was adopted into the Pandalam Royal Family and this was the place where he grew up. It is believed he was the avatar of Dharmasatha. So Pandalam is famous as Lord Ayappa was born here. The Sabrimala Temple was also built by the Royal family of Pandalam. Take a tour to Sabrimala and learn more about the divine powers of Lord Ayappa.

Places to visit near Pandalam :
* Sabrimala Temple Festivals:
Devotees from all over during November and January start a procession and assemble in Sabrimala to celebrate the Sabrimala Temple Festival. Held during Makar Sankranti and November, the Sabrimala Temple Festival is considered to be an important event.

* Aazhipooja:
The Aazhipooja celebrates the ascetic frame of mind of the pilgrims who undergo through a process of renunciation before they embark on a journey to the Sabrimala Temple. It is observed on the day before setting out on a holy journey.

* Petta Thullal:
The Petta Thullal is a colorful event that occurs during the holy journey in Erumeli. Here the devotees paint themselves with stripes of ashes, colors and carbon and don an unique look with arrows, clubs, fruits and bundles on their head. The chanting and the drumbeats add to the color of the ceremony.

* Pandalam Palace:
It was in this palace Lord Ayappa was born. The Thiruvabharanam of the Ayappa Temple is kept in this palace.

* Valiyakoikal Temple:
This is a famous temple in Pandalam modeled in form Sabrimala Temple. The journey or processions to the Sabrimala Temple starts from this place during the festivals.

The best time to take a tour to Pandalam is from March to August. The cool winds of Pandalam will refresh your senses. However you can also visit Pandalam during November to January and attend the Sabrimala Temple Festivals. Trivandrum Airport is 92km away from Pandalam.  Chengannur Railway Station which is 25 km away.

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