Way to go Karnataka:

India has a large and extensive transportation system. The country has one of the world’s largest roadway network transporting millions of people every year.
There are many way to go to Karnataka(Bangalore). It is in shimoga district.

Continent: Asia

Country: India

State / Province: Karnataka

Locality:   Shimoga District

18 miles east of Gersoppa
Distance :
From Bangalore 450+ kms
From Nearest Town 21kms(siddapura), 30+kms (Sagar)
From Nearest Petrol Bunk siddapura, Sagar
Nearest Medical Help Jog colony
Nearest Hotel Jog itself (siddapura)

Location Of Jog Falls:

Jog is located in Shimoga District of Karnataka, 30 km away from Sagara, 104 km from Shimoga, and 379 km away from Bangalore.

Information Of jog Falls:

Total Height:  829 feet   253 meters
Tallest Single Drop:   829 feet   253 meters
Number of Drops: 1
Waterfall Type:   Segmented
Average Width:   1,550 feet  472 meters
Average Volume:   5,387 cubic feet / sec.153 cubic meters / sec.
Maximum Recorded Volume:120,000 cubic feet / sec.   3,398 cubic meters / sec.
Watercourse:   Sharavati River

Seasonality:   Perennial

Seasons of Best Flow:   Oct-Dec

One of the highest waterfalls in India Jog Falls is one of the major attractions in Karnataka. Created on Sharavathi River, Jog Falls is also known by alternative names of Gerusoppe Falls, Gersoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi.Jog Falls is formed by the Sharavathi River, gushing down from a height of 253 meters. The river originates at Ambuthirtha in Thirthahalli taluk, flows north-west through the Western Ghats forming the Jog Falls before joining the Arabian Sea at Honavar.

Accessible from Shimoga and Hubli, the road passes through dense teak forests that block your view of the sun. After crossing the Sharavathi river, (stop by at small streams flowing down the rocky slopes and taste the fresh spring water – the taste is unforgettable) you make a detour and face a stunning spectacle across a deep gorge. The Sharavathi river flowing over a rocky bed takes a spectacular leap from a height of 292 metres and dividThe thunder of the falls can be heard from a distancees into four smaller ones – known as the Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket – presenting a glorious view. The river leaps over an 800-foot precipice in four separate cataracts – the four R’s.

The Raja is the grandest; halfway down, the violent Roarer meets it; close byare the Rocket and Rani glidinggracefullyJog Falls over the cliff. The columns of foam and spray created by the four streams together make up Jog Falls; sparkling in sunlight, breathtaking in moonlight.This place is almost resides in the border of Western ghats of mountain ranges. Afternoon is the best time to watch the fall as sunlight will directly fall on the water fall.

  • Raja (King): Named so because of its apparently ‘dignified’ and ‘serene’ fall.
  • Roarer: This stream appears out of a mass of rocks, making a tremendous amount of noise.
  • Rocket: Consists of a large volume of water streaming out of a small opening at a very high speed.
  • Rani (Queen): also called Lady: The stream has a winding, twisting trajectory, said to resemble the movements of a female dancer.

Popular Jog Falls Hotel:

  • Shivani hotel

  • Samarat Guest House
  • Youth Hostel

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  1. Jogga falls a very big amaging in karnataka life in onlly one times give a visit to this place and remember to shimoga

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