Pippala cave, located in Rajir, is a popular Buddhist pilgrim destination. It was a center of religious activities during Lord Buddha’s time. The cave is the outcome of natural process of natural forces overtime.

The cave is popularly called ‘Jarasandha ki Baithak’ among local population as it is believed that the famous wrestler Jarasandh used to sit here. After looking at its strategic location, some historians are of opinion that the cave might have been used as watch tower by the ruler’s army.

Situated on the Vibhava hills at Rajgir, Pippala cave is an ideal location for meditation for its tranquility and peace. It is believed that various saints and hermits came to Pippala cave for meditation and spiritual healing in different time period.

Pippala is easily accessible via different modes of transportation. Rajgir is the nearest town from Pippala. Patna is just hundred kilometers away from Pippala and you have plenty of options from Patna to Pippala. There are frequent buses from Rajgir to Pippala. If you want to come by railway, Gaya is the nearest railhead from Pippala.

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