1.The Longest Yard(1974):
Any of the top four films on this list could have been No. 1, but this is the movie that can be watched over and over again. Sheer entertainment value scores six points for this Burt Reynolds classic. The 2005 remake isn’t worth mentioning.

2.Friday Night Lights(2004):
Before there was a pretty hot TV series, there was this excellent Peter Berg-directed movie about an orthodox religious sect called Texas high school football.

3.North Dallas Forty(1979):
I would not put up much of an argument. I love this movie, but gave it a five-yard penalty for casting Mac Davis as the quarterback. Otherwise, a great film about the dark side of professional football.

4. “Remember the Titans” (2000):
Denzel Washington stars as a high school football coach who fights bigotry in the South. That scene-stealing, football-savvy daughter of the white coach is none other than Hayden Panettiere of “Heroes.”

5.Everybody’s All-American(1988):
Director Taylor Hackford’s saga of a football hero (Dennis Quaid) and his homecoming queen wife (Jessica Lange) who try to adjust to life outside the college spotlight. He is good in the role, but she truly is his better half.

6.Brian’s Song(1971):
This film ranks high on this list despite its diminished status as a made-for-television movie. It was a milestone in the history of football movies.

Rudy grew up in a steel mill town where most people ended up working, but wanted to play football at Notre Dame instead. There were only a couple of problems. His grades were a little low, his athletic skills were poor, and he was only half the size of the other players. But he had the drive and the spirit of 5 people and has set his sights upon joining the team.

8.Heaven Can Wait(1978):
It doesn’t have the look and feel of a football movie, and Warren Beatty isn’t a physically imposing athlete, but he’s got a quarterback’s pretty face and he gets the girl. Therefore, it qualifies as a realistic football movie.

You might not be familiar with this film, but it’s a worthy coming-of-age story about a bright high school dweeb (Corey Haim) who falls for a girl who prefers the studly football player played by Charlie Sheen.

This would be rated at the top of the list in Philadelphia because it’s a real-life story about a guy from the neighborhood who wins a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles after new coach Dick Vermeil holds open auditions as a publicity stunt. A peek at the legendary politeness of Philadelphia sports fans.

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