The Brindavan Gardens, a celebrated beauty spot in this part of India is world famous for its symmetric design. It is one of the most beautifully laid out terrace gardens in the world.

The Chambal Gardens are on the banks of the Chambal River, south of the fort. They are popular place for picnic. The centerpiece is a murky pond stocked with crocodiles, which can be crossed by a wobbly suspension bridge. Once common all along the river, by the middle of the 20th century the crocodiles had been virtually exterminated by hunting. There are also some rare Gharial.
Chashme Shahi Garden
This Royal Spring Garden gets its name from the Spring discovered by the great female Saint of Kashmir, Rupa Bhawani. Rupa Bhawani had the family name as Sahib and thus came the name of the Spring – Chashme Sahibi. The Garden so formed around the Spring is today known as Chashme Shahi Garden – The Royal Spring. Chashme Shai is dedicated to Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.
There used to be a time when they had the dance and light show in the evenings. The sounds of the thump of the feet of the King and the Queen with their actions, using light music at the background were played. It used to be the best part of the Chashme Shahi. They still have it sometimes, but one has to enquire about it.
The whole of the Chashme Shahi Garden is a live and rare combination of rocks, Kashmiri and Mughal architecture. The combination of Red and Green with the flowers in the background and around, makes it more splendid.
Lal Bagh Garden
Bangalore is considered to be the Garden City Of India and in this city, spreading over a whooping area of 240 acres, of Parkland, is the Lal Bagh of Bangalore City. Lal Bagh is considered to be one of the most richly diverse Botanical Gardens in South Asia. Modelled on London Crystal Palace, it has a Glass House which is considered to be the best place for horticultural shows.

Indian Botanical Garden was called the Company Bagan or the Calcutta Bagan. Later it came to be known as Royal Botanic Bagan. Today under the Botanical Survey of India – it is called as Indian Botanic Garden.
There is small Lake inside the Indian Botanical Garden. Though boating is not allowed here, there are various varieties of Water Lilies grown in this beautiful lake.
Lloyds Botanical Garden
this beautiful Garden of Darjeeling with thousands of rare flowers…..The beauty of the garden is increased by the Himalayan range which runs at the background forming beautiful layers. The whole line of the Himalayan range changes its colors with the changing weather of Darjeeling. The landscape beauty of the Lloyds Botanical Garden is beyond words.
Mughal Garden:
Mughal Gardens are the unique gardens in the sense that these are a combination of Mughal and British Architecture.

The Mughal Gardens are situated in the Rashtrapati Bhavan – the Presidents House of India. These are open for a few days in the months of February to March. Rest of the year these are close for the common public.

Pinjore Gardens

Famously known as Pinjore Gardens, the Yadavindra Gardens are located in Chandigarh. The Pinjore Gardens were created on the foot-hills of Shivalik Range. Pinjore Garden is filled with abundance of grass and tree greenery. There are numerous fountains which add beauty to the garden.

Rock Garden
The Rock Garden has been designed on the lines of a Kingdom.The artistic beauty lies in each and every corner of the Rock Garden. The eyes get glued to these candid structues which display an array of sculptures – all posing in their most admirable form. Colors like red, blue, green, orange are on a disply here. An artificial waterfall is also there.

Shalimar Garden
The Shalimar Garden was built by Emperor ShahJahan for his beloved wife – Nur Jahan in the year 1616. It is also called as the Garden of Love. Earlier named Farah Baksh – The Delightful, Shalimar garden was a gift.The best time to visit Shalimar Garden is the season of Autumn and Spring. During this season the color of the leaves change from yellow to Golden. The blossoming of flowers, just like the rainbow makes it more beautiful.

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