Lord Murukan in the state of NSW resides at Mays Hill, a local eminence in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. The Lord is popularly known as ‘Sydney Murugan’. Murukan is the lord of the hill region and his abode is usually located on hills. ‘Sydney Murukan’ also resides in the hill region called Mays Hill, which presently called by the Tamils as vaikacik kunru.

Murukan worship in Sydney was originally initiated by Mr. Åšivajoti Danikai Skandakumar, a Sri Lankan Tamil who brought a statue of Murukan made of five metals, viz. gold, iron, copper, lead and silver, from Jaffna, Sri Lanka in 1983. Inviting a number of devotees, he commenced worshipping the Lord at his residence in Sydney and later on Fridays in 1986 this Murukan statue was brought by him and his family to the senior common room of the Strathfield Girls’ High School for worship, which is still a centre place for the Tamil community.

In 1985 a Hindu society, the Saiva Manram, was formed in order to build a temple for Lord Murukan. Since its inception, Lord Murukan has been called ‘Sydney Murukan’. The Saiva Manram has worked hard for nearly ten years to build a temple for Lord Murukan.

In 1990 the Saiva Manram bought a plot of land from the Roads and Traffic Authority. This site was between two highways and does not have residences on three sides. This land is located in a suburb called Mays Hill about ten kilometres from Strathfield.

This land was originally bought to build a Tamil cultural centre with the idea of conducting prayer meetings for Lord Murukan. In September 1994 the foundation stone was laid for the Sydney Murukan Temple and Tamil Cultural Education Centre. On this foundation at Mays Hill in the heart of the western region of Sydney the construction works for the temple commenced in April 1997. Here the Saivaites in New South Wales built a magnificent temple for Lord Murukan.

The main shrine has three chambers; the middle one for the main deity, ‘Sydney Murukan’ and either side is for Åšivan and Ambal. In other words, in the sanctum sanctorum of the Sydney Murukan Temple the statue of Murukan is enshrined as the main deity. The consecration ceremony of `Sydney Murukan’ was performed on 17 June 1999. Murukan is associated with hill country and He resides on hills. Sydney Murukan also has chosen Mays Hill as his abode.

It is remarkable that this temple had its annual festival before its first anniversary of the mahakumbhabhishekam (pouring the sanctified water, etc. over the pot-like structure on the tower and over the main deity at the time of installation). The Sydney Murukan Temple provides great opportunities for the Hindus in Australia, particularly those in Sydney to serve the community in many ways.

From the inception of the Saiva Manram in 1985 the following members functioned as president and served during the construction of the Sydney Murukan Temple:

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