2010 Winter Olympic saga is over and the though the medal count favored the United States in the end; yet the Americans could do even better. With 37, 30 and 26 medals respectively, the United States, Germany and host Canada finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the medal standings on Saturday February 28, 2010. There were as many as 9, 15 and 13 gold, silver and bronze medals respectively achieved by the American athletes in the Vancouver winter competitions and had they made a little better effort in men’s hockey final; there would have been 10 gold awards for them. However, the hosts defeated the visitors in a crunch final and deprived them off tenth gold.

With 10 gold medals, 13 silver and 7 numbers bronze medals Republic of Germany were happily placed on second spot at the medal standings followed by the host nation of Canada that grabbed overall 26 medals. However, with maximum number of gold medals i.e. 14, the Canadians ruled the winter saga and the most precious among the 14 gold awards proved to be the last one. Men’s Ice Hockey Final would have caused many to miss a heartbeat or two since there were countless uncertain moments during a game that was watched by millions of trillions of enthusiastic viewers globally. The match was decided in extra time and the golden goal came through none other than Sidney Crosby while in the famous ‘sudden death’ form.

February ended the other night and so was the 2010 Olympics gala at British Columbia and the Vancouver crowds were entertained by various celebrities towards the closing moments. Michael J. Fox, William Shatner, Rogge and Catherine O’Hara were also among the few celebrities that graced the closing ceremonies.

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