Even if you don’t own a pool, there are still many ways to access one and take advantage of water fitness activities. Places like the local department of parks and recreation, community center or gym may offer convenient hours and moderate or low-cost access to their pools. Here are a few ways you can benefit from water fitness activities.
Water sport
1. Joint Pain Relief:
The weightless effects of water allow those with joint problems to exercise their muscles without putting stress on the knees and ankles. This is especially beneficial to the morbidly obese and seniors.

2. Temperature Control:
Water fitness activities allow one to get an intense workout while benefiting from the constant cooling effects of water.

3. Variety:
Since exercises are typically done on dry land, water fitness activities provide an escape from the usual workout. This can add variety to the fitness regimen and prevent burnout.

4. Enjoyment and Versatility:
Water fitness activities easily lend themselves to the fun of group play or the relaxation of a quiet swim alone. These activities are versatile as they can be either stimulating or tranquil.

5. Natural Resistance and Injury Prevention:
The properties of water provide a natural resistance for strength training activities, without the use of weighted equipment. Doing these exercises in the water reduces the chance of injury from traditional strength training.

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