Women’s curling event at Winter Olympics 2010, team USA clinched a victory over Russian curling team, with the final score 6-4. This was the first win for team USA after losing three consecutive games in the event. The Russian curling team lost to U.S. ladies with a final score of 6-4. Team US was playing with their original lineup and both the teams were looking nervous right from the beginning of the game and apparently missed quite a number of crucial shots. Skipper Debbie McCormick took the perfect final shot for U.S. women’s team.

The U.S Olympic Women’s curling team finally broke their jinx and despite missing their initial key shots, they made all-important concluding shot to smash their losing streak and reinstated their dazed confidence. The Russian curling team, whose average age is just above 21, made few changes in their lineup and promoted 19-year-old Anna Sidorova to skip. The Americans kept their lineup unchanged keeping the faith in the skill and talent; they believed that they will pull it together mentally eventually.

Skipper Debbie McCormick spoke to NBC reporter after the game, “Its great to finally win a game. I though once we got over the hump, it will be a lot easier as we have five games ahead of us. I feel like it’s one down, five to go.”

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