The Masters golf tournament 2010 will officially be a zoo following the announcement that Tiger Woods plans to make his return during the first Major of the season. Woods said Tuesday that he would play for the first time since his Thanksgiving car accident and ensuing sex scandal when the PGA tees off for the Masters next month. Any golf tournament featuring Tiger Woods is inevitably mobbed by media. But pick the first Major of the season, throw in Tiger’s return after months away and the intrigue surrounding his performance and you have the recipe for a media swarm sure to drown the course in pads and pencils.

Believe it or not, there are some – this is both good and bad news. Tiger’s return means the sport of golf will once again be watched by more than the family and friends of the others competing, but it also means nobody will care about any of them, either. Any golfer not named Woods might as well be invisible when the Masters begin. This would frustrate me if I were a professional golfer. The sport you play simply cannot drum up enough support without Woods, and yet when he’s present everyone else becomes nothing more than a bit player. The rest of the PGA will have to enjoy a cameo in Tiger’s blockbuster cinematic return.

The only thing missing will be blue Avatar people. At the very least, this move ensures the Masters will be watched by millions and millions at home, not to mention the mobs at the course. And while Woods’ return may be just what the golfing doctor ordered, it’s sort of a double-edged sword for the rest of the field.

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