NCAA Men’s basketball tournament  2010, March madness scores for round 1 is officially in progress. Millions of basketball fans are expected to be so excited to know the final results. Different teams from all four regions are that will compete to the next round was already disclosed during the opening round of action, last Thursday. Team Kentucky and Kansas which are considered in the top seeds will both be in hard action Thursday. Another teams belong in the top seeds, Duke and Syracuse are scheduled to play on Friday. Based from report, recent games will differ in usual trends because some of the top seeds will go tough tests during their matchups with the lower seeds.

Teams Villanova, Notre Dame and Vanderbilt were amongst those receiving a true challenge from their opponents.  Some of the lower seeds are looking to become this year’s Cinderella and advance deep into the tournament. The 2010 NCAA basketball games is expected to l run all day long, some ending around midnight EST or later. The NCAA scores so far have produced some interesting results for the Big Dance. After this weekend’s March Madness scores are final, we’ll have the sixteen all set.

The first round pretty much half over,the scores so far:
BYU 99 Florida 92
Old Dominion 51 Notre Dame 50
Villanova 73 Robert Morris 70
Murray St. 66 Vanderbilt 65
Kansas St. 82 North Texas 62
Baylor  68 Sam Houston St. 59
St. Mary’s 80 Richmond 71
Butler 77 UTEP 59
UNI 69 UNLV 66
Kentucky 100 East. Tenn St. 71
Washington 80 Marquette  78
Ohio 97 Georgetown 83
Kansas 90 Lehigh 74
Texas 80 Wake Forest 81
Tennessee 62 San Diego State 59

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