Last night was a hard night for Pistons who received two tensions, one was in the shape of loss and other was about a player who collapsed during game. Piston’s star, Rodney Stuckey, collapsed during last night’s game played against Cavaliers. Analysts called this collapse a violent seizure. He was off the field and was sitting on a bench outside court and had joined team just moments ago, before collapse. The collapse caused a delay in game for about 10 minutes. He collapsed so drastically that he had to wheel off the court on a stretcher. The Pistons lost the game and the score was 92-99.

Later, the spokesman said that he was all right and was taking breathe on his own, after medical treatment at a Cleveland Clinic. The reports say that he was providing Jonas Jerebko with some useful advices when he started feeling dizzy and sat down. He went unconscious into the arms of trainer Arnie Kander. He was shifted to a nearby Cleveland Clinic through an ambulance for medical treatment. He talked with his teammates and coach. It is unclear yet whether he will stay with his team or will fly back home. During ten minute break, LeBron James gathered his team in court and prayed for Rodney Stuckey. Fans are also praying for this young man and they want to see him back into court as soon as possible.

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