Apolo Ohno has been disqualified by a Canadian referee while the short track speed skater was accused of pushing a Canadian skater. American Apolo Ohno emphasized all he did was to touch him in order to keep his balance and didn’t push Francois-Louis Tremblay. An eight-time medalist 27-year-old Apolo Anton Ohno successfully managed to evade crashes and by virtue of late charges, went on to win two numbers short track races in speed-skating during the first two weeks while in the Winter Olympics. On Friday night the post-race reviews deprived the American speed skater from his third sucdess; a silver medal.

According to the details, during the course of 500 meter-race where Ohno had advanced so skillfully to make it to the finals by skating even on one skate, his fortunes changed entirely. With a focus to grab Olympic medal number 8 in his career, he crossed the finish line in the final and was awarded a silver medal for his effort. However, the same was snatched from him afterwards. Upon reviewing the videos of the final where all the four competitors appeared to enter the final turn extremely tight, a Canadian referee declared that Ohno had tangled with a Canadian racer named Francois-Louis Tremblay following which; Tremblay fell though he got up and still managed to win bronze in the end.

Charles Hamelin also a Canadian deserved the gold medal by beating the rest and Ohno’s silver medal was awarded to another athlete that stumbled during the run, South Korean Sung Si-Bak. What Ohno claims is that “I was short of space,” however, nobody just seemed to believe his arguments. It is being heard about the skater that he might soon retire thus; this might be his last appearance.

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