A majority of business now survive on online business or leads created online which convert into sales. Some websites provide an immediate opportunity for the buyer to purchase whereas other provide the information and convince the potential buyer to buy the product.

However, just having a website designed from a web designer is not sufficient. What drives a website or portal is its visitors and not the website itself.  A website without visitors just serves the purpose of an addition to your visiting card or letter head.

So what should a website have to make it work?

1. Clean design and colors which are attractive to the visitor.

2. Easy and visitor friendly navigation menu’s.

3. Great looking user interface.

4. Precise and correct information of products and services with catalogue.

Apart from the above features which will help in repeat visitors to your website, a website should appeal as much to the search engine as a human visitor.

Search engines like Google work on a collection of algorithms which decide the ranking of your website on Google search. Among many factors what matters to the search engine is the source code of your webpage and not the page visible to human eyes. Web Designing keeping in mind the Search engine optimization factors is crucial in today’s world as that’s the factor which decides the success of your website.

Heavy use of Java Script or Flash can be damaging. However, flash headers are recommended to create a balance between looks and search engine friendly sites.  Several search engine optimization companies provide wide range of services for SEO, like this Award Winning SEO firm’s Service. Companies and businesses pay large amounts of money towards Search Engine Optimization to increase sales and gain more visitors.

One of our local web designing firms provides free SEO as the competition locally in our town is not that high.  However, all the websites designed by Rinisha.com have ranked decently on page “One” of Google search. A website designed with search engine in mind is the best web design anybody would get for one’s business. Apart from SEO, SMM(Social Media Marketing) is widely used to promote the website. Every means of online promotion should be used for the business to succeed online including paid advertising and link building .

Also, to wait to get a website designed is another mistake many make. One of the parameters Google considers is the website age. So if you need an edge over your competitor, then ideally you should get a website designed before your competitor. The more old your website is, the better are the chances of it getting ranked. This is just one of the factors but an important one.

Some ready made web designer tools online have cropped up lately but none have to ability to create search engine friendly pages. Most fall pray to these online services which promise to design sites for even $30-$50 which is completely useless as far as visitors is concerned. Such a readymade template website may be ok only for a personal blog but not for a business website.

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Author: Abhilash Pillai



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