Guide on choosing the right Manual Directory Submission Service!

Directory submission was a traditional method for link building for several years. However, post Google Panda update things have changed a lot and now one wonders whether submitting to several directory sites is of any use in terms on search engine rankings.

I have done several tests regarding this pre and post Panda update and have drawn some conclusions.

a) Directory submission is still a must along with other link building methods such as article submission, social bookmarkings, guest blogging links, forum postings, comments, related links from other sites and blogs.

b) Directory submissions work only if – submissions are made to high quality sites with high PR as well as high traffic history.

c) Submitting to low quality or poor quality directory sites do not harm as well as do not benefit. Just think that if it used to harm then it would have been easier to beat the competition by just submitting your competitors site to low quality directories.

d) Choosing the right category pages works wonders in terms of SEO as submitting to the best category increases link value to your website.

Where to buy directory submission services from?

This is bit tricky as several companies worldwide claim to do the best and in reality only a few do them right. So how to pick the best?

1. Correspond with them: Do not go to a Manual directory submission service website and order a package straight away without having a chat with them or emailing them in advance.

Ask for things like :

a) Is the service 100% manual ?

b) Is there any proof provided to prove that submissions were done manually?

c) What’s the general approval rate of submissions?

d) Do they verify emails after submissions?

e) Whats the turnaround time for orders?

2. Check Credentials: Also check for the credentials of the website, by asking them profile information of the person managing the service website. This will give you an idea of whether the person has the required experience to do the job correctly.

3. Check reviews: Ask for reviews or ratings on third party service websites. Don’t entirely rely on the testimonials on the website.

4. Cost or Value for money: Cost should not be the priority while choosing such a service as most of the low cost service providers, do the submissions automated using softwares. Nothing in the world comes free and you need to spend some bucks to get good results.

5. Check Page Rank of directories submitted to: Check whether the packages mention google PR. Submitting sites to Google PR of “ZERO” is of very little value and its better to get links from high PR directory sites only.

Are Directory Submissions and Social Bookmarkings enough to rank?

No. Not at all. Do not rely entirely on these two as doing so will not bring the expected results. To look link building natural to websites it should be backed by article submission, guest blogging links, forum and blog comment links and links from other related sites and blogs. Plus, your website need to be optimized for on-site factors.  If you are worried about Panda update, you need to check out this post: Worried about Panda Update?

Author Info:  Abhilash Pillai is a blogger, web designer and search engine marketer and also provides SEO related submissions jobs to clients worldwide through Manual Directory Submission Service Website:

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