Working in science labs usually means working with hazardous chemicals that are dangerous to your health. In environments such as science labs, it is a must to protect one’s self from these hazardous chemicals that usually contain highly concentrated chemicals.
Science Lab
Here are a few instructions for keeping science labs safe:
1. Make the policies inside the lab clear. You should make sure that you are dressed properly for your activities inside the lab. If your hair is long you should tie it back and secure baggy clothes. It would be best if you take off all your unnecessary jewelry since you don’t need them inside the lab experimenting. Food and beverages are certainly prohibited inside the laboratory.

2. Consider the things you’ll need. First and foremost, before entering a science lab you will need to have goggles, gloves, lab coat, and other specialized equipment that you may need to keep yourself and the lab safe & also never ever do unauthorized experiments. When you are inside the lab, never work with other experiments that are not authorized for you to do.

3. Keep yourself safe at all times. Refrain from putting your hands on your mouth, face, and eyes. Since you will probably be using chemicals inside the lab, you should wash your hands before entering and leaving the science lab.

4. Always use goggles and gloves. Even when dealing with the very least sort of chemicals it is always recommended to where your goggles and gloves at all times.

5. Focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Always come to the lab prepared to do what is necessary with your experiment/activities. The lab is a serious place to be in, so avoid fooling around or making jokes and especially making pranks that may startle other people working inside the lab.

6. Make sure you have safety equipment. You should always check where the fire extinguisher and first aid kit is located as well as the fire alarms so when accidents happen you can respond immediately.

7. Take a look at expiration dates. Always check and label date of expiration of the materials inside the science lab, especially chemicals. Although some may be kept for years but it is  possible for them to become inactive.

8. Use specialized gloves. When dealing with hot or cold chemicals inside the science lab. Know what kind of gloves you should use. There are different kinds of gloves that are being used inside science labs. Sometimes, ordinary gloves that you may be using can easily be destroyed by some kinds of chemicals. These chemicals may enter or seep into your skin and cause damage.

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