The pyramids are located on the west bank of the Nile River just outside of Cairo. There are 10 pyramids in total, including the three largest and most famous pyramids built between 2600 and 2500 B.C.

1. Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops):
Pharaoh Khufu’s pyramid is the largest pyramid ever constructed, standing at 481 feet and made up of 2.3 million stone blocks. It is estimated that each of these blocks weigh between two and 15 tons.

2. Pyramid of Khafre (Chephren):
Pharaoh Khafre was Khufu’s son. His pyramid is slightly smaller than his father’s, standing at 471 feet. The Great Sphinx stands near Khafre’s pyramid.

3. Pyramid of Menkaure (Mycerinus):
Menkaure’s pyramid is much smaller than his father’s and grandfather’s. It stands at only 213 feet.

4. West Cemetery:
Khufu laid out the large necropolis at Giza with his own burial complex at the center. He put a cemetery to the west of his complex for older family members and his chief officials.

5. East Cemetery:
To the east of Khufu’s complex are small pyramids belonging to his wives. Located here are also large mastaba or flat-roofed tombs for some of his children.

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