Below are some of the more famous and popular ones.  These may give you an idea of what you should find in a hotel or lodge that can give the best mountain vacation experience you can expect.

1. Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa can give you the feel of how it is living in a forest with the most modern means.  Located in the area of the Southern Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania, this promises to combine the fun of family vacation with the serenity of being in the midst of natural wonders.  It has also a facility for skiing located at the nearby Mystic Mountain.
2. Bretton Woods in New Hampshire is where a number of great winter resorts are located. It provides tourists with varied choices of slopes for skiing.  Many cross-country skiers have declared this to have one of the best terrains favorable for the sport.  For the most comfortable accommodation in the area, you can try the Mount Washington Resort.  The place has a number of shops and restaurants, making it one of the most convenient destinations for mountain-loving tourists.
3. The Scenic Wolf Resort, located in North Carolina, can cater to more activities than just skiing.  With the building’s structural design modeled after cabin lodges resorts, you can experience what life in the mountains was before, except you have most of today’s comforts.  It has a huge forest nearby, which is great for nature trekking.  There is also a golf course where you can have all the time for perfecting your swing.
4. The Aspen in Colorado has four mountains that provide slopes perfect for skiing.  Because the slopes are wide and safe from protruding rocks, this is also a favorite among snowboarders.  Long known as a destination for people who prefer the alpine sights and Breckenridge resorts, Aspen is dotted with different shops that make living there convenient.
You do not have to travel too far just to take a vacation in one of those most favored mountain resorts.  There should be one in your state, or if not, in a neighboring state.  You can search the Internet for related terms like Steamboat Springs, sale, hidden, blue, rocky, etc. or seek the help of tourist agencies for information regarding this.

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