Some people get a kick out of scaring themselves witless. If you’re one of these people, then you would surely appreciate visiting the world’s top scariest places. And arguably, visiting scary places is all about going to locations where the spirits of the dead still roam the world. Even scarier are those places infested with other worldly spirits that are not human.
Scary Places
Here are some of the scariest places you can visit.
1. Underground and indoor tombs:
Cemeteries are scary enough. But if you get scared visiting burial grounds that are above-ground, you can always just run away. But if you go somewhere underground, that adds to the scare factor. The Paris catacombs in France, the Edinburg valuts, and the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic are ideal places to visit if you want indoor, spooky fun. Just the thought of having bones and skeletons in the walls can be unsettling enough.

2. Places of mass death or murder:
Human beings have a knack for having a blatant disregard for life, especially in times of war or human strife. Back in the day, prisoners or slaves weren’t considered human, and were often sent to their deaths mercilessly, and even for the entertainment of the masses. The Roman Coliseum is such a place. Prisoners of war and slaves were brought out to be eaten alive by the lions, or to fight each other to their deaths, in front of a wide audience. As for war deaths, the Auschwitz concentration camps are undoubtedly among the most unsettling of places to go to. It’s hard to imagine how thousands people have been herded to their deaths here. Many of these could still be calling out for justice from the other life.

3. Historically scary places:
Some places have good scare value because of their history. If you go to Transylvania in Romania, the idea of Count Dracula and vampires might first come to mind. But even if you’re not scared of vampires, consider that this was the hometown of Vlad the Impaler, who was the original inspiration for Count Dracula. Vlad was known for being sadistic, and for torturing and killing tens of thousands his enemies by impaling. There were even thousands of these impaled bodies set up like forests in some places in Romania.

4. Battlefields:
Battlefields are among the scariest places because of the number of people who have died here. Most of these people are likely to be young soldiers who have perished from grisly battle wounds. For instance, Gettysburg is said to be among the most haunted places in the world. In some areas, bodies of dead soldiers aren’t even buried properly buried, and so they are still probably in the ground in some unmarked mass grave.

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