Before the 50 states, there were the original 18 states that were successors of the 13 states under the British rule. These thirteen British colonies in North America rebelled against the British in 1775 and got their independence on July 4, 1776. Over the years, from 13 colonies, it later segregated into 18 states, which are now part of the present 50 states.

Here is how the colonies were divided:

– Province of New Hampshire – became New Hampshire
– Province of Massachusetts Bay – became two separate states: Massachusetts and Maine
– Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations – became Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
– Connecticut Colony – became Connecticut
– Province of New York – became two separate states: New York and Vermont
– Province of New Jersey – became New Jersey
– Province of Pennsylvania – became Pennsylvania
– Delaware Colony – became Delaware
– Province of Maryland – became Maryland
– Colony and Dominion of Virginia – became three separate states: Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia
– Province of North Carolina – became two separate states: North Carolina and Tennessee
– Province of South Carolina – became South Carolina
– Province of Georgia – became Georgia

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