Almost every person dreams of what their wedding day will be like. Here is a list of some of the most romantic places to have a wedding in the U.S.
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1. New York City:
Central Park has many gardens, fountains, sculptures, monuments, bridges and arches. For a small fee, most romantic areas can be rented for a beautiful wedding ceremony.

2. Pocono Mountains:
The Pocono Mountain region stretches over 2,400 squares miles, encompassing lakes, rivers, hiking trails, waterfalls, woodlands, numerous resorts, inns and bed and breakfasts. It is known as the place for couples to retreat, yet due to it’s vast resources it is the excellent place for a romantic wedding.

3. The Hamptons:
The Hamptons are packed with beautiful gardens, landscapes beaches and winery. Properties with excellent amenities and plenty of space for the bridal party can be rented for a beautiful ceremony.

4. Wine Country:
Wine country in the state of California is loaded with a host of five-star hotels, farmhouses, inns and and quaint lodges nestled in miles and miles grape-filled lands.

5. Virginia Beach:
Virginia Beach has a shoreline the has a host of hotels loaded with convention centers and ballrooms. These accommodations can be transformed in a fairytale wedding site.

6. Hawaii:
This most popular tourist site is kissed by the beauty of nature. It is famous for its islands, tranquil waters, flowers and a gorgeous horizon. A wedding can take place on the beach, at a five-star hotel or in one of the many luxurious resorts.

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