United States, the world’s oldest democracy will get a new President in few months. Many countries across the world are looking forward to this election as it sets the tone for foreign policy decisions too. From the Indian perspective, even though both candidates are ready to work with India, Trump’s victory would add more punch to India’s bright future!

Let’s dig into the details:

Hillary Clinton  : Has a long association with India and likes to work more closely with regard to all issues be it be humanitarian, business or security. No doubt, India will benefit with improved relations under Clinton. She is also soft on issues like immigration which will find favours with people who wish to migrate to US. Further issues like cultural interaction, business, environment, security will get impetus similar to Obama administration.

Trump: Is against losing jobs to immigrants and that means it might posses some problems for Indians planning to move to US. Further he also speaks of a temporary ban on Muslims which will not find favors from a large number of Indian muslim population. However, considering India’s future and security what’s more important for India is to cap the terror network and paralyse it. Putin is acting strong already and India has a powerful leader like Modi. In view of the future alliance US + India + Japan it’s important that terror networks are busted. Further among the two, Trump can talk tough with Pakistan, something which India would be more interested in. Cutting down the aid and supplies to Pakistan would make the subcontinent a much safer place.

So it all boils down to one issue in terms of India – “Security” and even though both pledge to work closely with India in future years – What India is looking for is – “Who would have the guts to act tough on Pakistan?”

  • And it’s anybody’s guess that Trump will do a better job at this.

Even though this doesn’t means Indians in the US will vote in majority for Trump, it will be a factor which will catch steam as elections near. Further Trump’s tough talk on Pak will get him a lot of Indian votes for him for sure.






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