Projector Phone

AT&T and LG have introduced a phone with a Pico projector. LG Projector Phone has been launched and started another run on projector phone. LG projector phone is the first mobile with a projector, not only this; LG Projector Phone is the first phone in US market with I GHZ snapdragon processor.LG and AT&T has introduced the projector phone with entirely different and new features for the US market, a Pico projector on the back side of the phone, 1 GHZ processor and a compact security system with finger print intelligent device.

LG projector phone will be a dream phone for the presenters and professionals, for slide shows, presentations or others you want to project on a big screen. The projector can be used with a projection distance of 8 feet.LG Projector phone has a maximum size QWERTY keyboard with a 16 million 3.2 inch touch screen slider. Auto flashed 5 mega pixel camera and 16 GB microSD card. The LG Projector phone is packed with 6.5 professional windows mobile version. The weight is little heavy due to insertion of the projector.The manufactures of Pico Projector are working with Samsung for the same kind of Projector phone.

Another remarkable feature of LG Projector Phone is the security feature. LG projector Phone added smart finger print sensor that avoids any pin codes and passwords. The finger recognition feature by AuthenTec hasn’t been introduced by any other mobile in the market.LG Projector Phone is new in the market but it will be a hard task for this phone to built a great reputation with extreme quality performance.

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