After the state election results in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh , everybody seems to be convinced about very little chance for a Congress led UPA majority at the centre. That leaves us with two key players : the BJP or the AAP whose phenomenal success not only rocked Delhi but the whole nation. Nobody can argue that AAP victory of so many seats in Delhi has strengthened India’s democratic process and have restored people’s faith in it. Further, it also proved that elections need not be fought with money power and real issues can make the difference. This reflects the the new era of educated Indian voters.

So many Indian voters are in a Dilemma to whom to vote for in the next elections. So lets first discuss the pros and cons of each decision before arriving at a conclusion.

AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)


1. Honest Intent for Corruption Free society

2. Young New Generation Leaders

3. Can bring drastic changes in the Governing system

4. Can create new laws to make any sort of corruption virtually impossible for future governments to come.

5. No communal, corruption record yet.


1. Inexperience in Governance

2. Silence on major National issues, including reversal of policies in key issues like FDI

3. No plan for growth and focus on corruption.

4. Slightly socialist approach


BJP ( Bharatiya Janata Party)


1.  Experience in Governance led by Growth principles

2. Focus on Growth, Industry and Trade

3. Better track record than congress in Corruption free governance

4. Has a development and Growth plan

5. Has clarity on major policy issues related to national security, external affairs and business.


1. Some corruption records

2. Missing young  generation leaders

3. Labelled communal by opponents

4. Allies might fight over certain policy issues

So it all boils down to few points:

Do you want a corruption  free socialist kind of a system or a open growth driven government. It’s hard for a corrupt free government to learn governance but its easy for a able government to introduce systems to fight corruption. I would personally love to see India grow in terms of business, finance, trade, security and infrastructure rather than just see India corruption free. Corruption is everywhere in the world and its in the way a human brain in structured. You can reduce corruption in society and governance, nobody can completely remove it.

Secondly, a country is not a toy, we the people cannot entrust the country to a newcomer even if we know the intentions are good.  Even if you plan to vote for a new party nationally, one should take into account their record in the states. In case of AAP, the voter can make a judgement only in 2019 elections and not in 2014.

So the verdict is clear! Do go ahead and vote for change this election!





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