Wireless routers add a lot of flexibility to the home or office by eliminating the need to run cables everywhere and increasing portability. To make the most of a wireless network, hook up all your computers and printers.
Wireless Router
1. Plug an Ethernet cable directly from the printer to the router, if your printer has an Ethernet port. You may need to insert and run the printer installation CD and choose the “Network” option.

2. Turn on the printer and check that it is on the network by opening the Start menu and selecting “Control Panel,” then “Network and Sharing,” then “View Computers and Devices.”

3. Alternately, you can plug the printer into the router using a USB cable. Some wireless routers come with a USB connection for printers so several computers can share a printer over the network.

4. Add the printer by opening the Start menu and selecting “Control Panel,” then “Printers,” then “Add Printer,” then “Add a Network Printer.” Follow the on-screen instructions to configure.

5. Test the wireless router to printer connection by printing a test page from the printer from one of your network computers. Enter the Control Panel, then select “Printers,” then the name of your networked printer, then “Properties,” then “Print Test Page.”

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