Children can track Santa Clause using the same high-tech device used by the Military.  The NORAD Santa Tracker 2009 is a great way for children of all ages to see when they will get their presents from Ol Saint Nick.

How does the NORAD Santa Tracker work?  There are state of the art tracking systems that include satellites, radar, fighter jets, and Santa Cams.  NORAD is alerted by the high tech system whenever Santa’s sleigh pulls away from his home at the North Pole.  The red nose on Rudolph also serves as a way for satellites to keep track of Santa and his Christmas loot.  High speed cameras that are dubbed “Santa Cams” film footage of the sleigh and flying reindeer going through the sky.  Fighter jets make sure that Santa stays safe and welcome him in to North America.

The best part about the NORAD Santa Tracker is watching the joy in children’s eyes as they see their favorite Christmas Character get closer and closer to them. It also helps parents figure out when to tell their kids to go to bed, because we all know that Santa Claus only comes when children are sleeping.If your child is worried about Santa, they can call a NORAD official to find out Santa’s whereabouts.

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