This year the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon celebrated its thirty-two years and it was stated by the sources that over nineteen thousand people had participated in the marathon. Reports of the sources stated that three men had died in the marathon. The deaths had taken place in between 9:02 a.m and 9:18 a.m. As stated by the sources, there were six medical stations to provide medical assistance to runners. However, the emergency personnel and the medical stations could not prevent the Detroit Marathon deaths.

As stated by Detroit Media Partnership, consumer marketing’s Vice President, Rich Harshbarger revealed that the first man to collapse was Daniel Langdon [age 36 years] who had come from Laingsburg. He had collapsed at around 9:02 a.m. He also said that Mr. Langdon had collapsed when he was between the markers of 11 and 12 miles.As stated by the sources, the next two deaths had taken place within a couple of minutes time. Mr. Harshbarger stated that the second man to die was Rick Brown [age 65years]. He had come from Marietta in Ohio and had collapsed at around 9:17 a.m. Mr. Harshbarger said that the next man, Waterford’s Jon Fenlon [age 26years] collapsed after completing 1:53:37 of the half-marathon. He had collapsed around 9:18 a.m. The cause of their death is not yet reported to the media.

Keith Hanson, the running coach did not consider the weather conditions as the reason for the death of three men. In his interview to the media, he said,” In my mind, the conditions were perfect.” Before this, the last death in Detroit Marathon had taken place in the year 1994. In that race, Samuel Grafton who was a veteran runner of the race had collapsed at 22 miles.

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