Everybody knows it’s easy to create an Election slogan. What’s difficult is to make that slogan a reality. Obama came to power with the slogan “Yes, we can” but that didn’t turn into reality for the American people which led to Trump’s victory for a change. Trump’s slogan “America great again” revolves around the American fantasy, the fascination to be the most powerful country in the world and to show it off. It’s no doubt that a seasoned businessman like Trump will surely pull this one off by showing the might of US to the world.

What’s really challenging would be the promises which he made to make America internally strong. i.e. creating jobs, improving work conditions, infrastructure etc. This won’t be easy without implementing a serious of measures and without impacting the US relation with the rest of the world. America needs every country’s help to be great again and Trump will have to walk a tight rope in maintaining relations with other countries and meeting the expectations of it’s own people. Within weeks of him taking charge, he will no doubt assure all Americans to stay and work in the US as usual and assure them all safety. The election rhetoric will obviously fade away.

Relations with Russia will be one of the most important things to watch for as there is a significant possibility of a shift from the Obama administration. Regarding the Asia- Pacific region, any change in policy would not be much in the American national interests. However, the war against terror will see some real action in months & years ahead as he did say “Radical Islamic Terror” and regions and countries supporting or breading them will face the heat. One country to look out for will be obviously Pakistan as it’s a country with Nuclear weapons which also has many Islamic terror groups within. If Trump manages to change a policy shift with Russia then the war against terror will intensify with allies like Japan, India, Afghanistan playing a major role in south Asia Pacific along with United States. It’s no secret that containing China policy will remain the same.

What will make America Great again?

  • Increasing job opportunities for locals
  • Making them feel secure
  • Better Infrastructure and Technological advances
  • Lead the world in research & science
  • Play a major role on the world stage by influencing big players
  • Containing terror & destroying breading grounds
  • Removing the word “Radical Islamic Terrorism” from the world dictionary
  • Making world a safer place for all countries
  • Leading the world in making it so.



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