Stephanie Spielman who diagnosed cancer a decade ago has died on Thursday. James Cancer Hospital has formally announced that she has dies. She belonged to Ohio State where she spent her life. She got married with her school fellow Chris Spielman.

In 1998, she felt a lump in her breast and consequently it was diagnosed as breast cancer at the very early age of 30. She took it as a challenge and decided not only to fight against the disease but also to help all those who fall prey to this menace. They formed a cancer society to raise funds for breast cancer patients as well as for breast cancer research. They named the fund as “Stephanie Spielman Fund”. Their fame helped them raise money for this noble purpose.

She fought against the disease and she developed a strong conviction to take it as a challenge and she always said that she never complained “why me” and this faith was a blessing for her as she took it as a life-time endeavor not only for herself but also for the humanity. She had four children. Due to her remarkable and passionate struggle, she managed to raise more than $6.5 million for cancer patients as well as breast cancer research. She started to view life religiously and was of the view that the experience has totally transformed her vision towards life and it was irrelevant for her whether she lives for one year or thirty years and what mattered to her now was the second life after death. She told that post-life period has attained more significance for her because of the experience.

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