An earthquake having a magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter scale deadly affected Chile on Saturday. The magnitude of this earthquake as described by the US Geological Survey was 8.3. After some hours of the Chile earthquake residents of Chile felt many aftershocks. It was measured that the magnitude of one aftershock was 6.9. The epicenter of the earth quake was the city of Concepcion which is 212 miles away from the capital Santiago and is the second largest city in Chile having a population of 200,000. U.S. Geological Survey said that the earthquake having such a high magnitude would tie for 7th on the list having the biggest earthquake ever recorded. US National Weather Service said in a statement that the a destructive tsunami could be generated by the same sized earthquake and within minutes it could strike coastlines near the epicenter and more distant coastlines within hours.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center also informed that it is indicated by the Sea level readings that a tsunami was generated and it could be dangerous near the earthquake center along the coasts and it could also be destructive for more distant coasts. Keeping in view this thing Chile, Peru and Ecuador were issued a tsunami warning. Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama and Antarctica were also issued a warning but they are not under very urgent watch. Tsunami could hit Hawaii later in the day so warning for Hawaii was also issued.
The capital of Chile was vibrated by the earthquake that affected the buildings for around 20 seconds. It is also said that the electricity as well as telecommunication system was also affected. It came soon after the Haiti earthquake and it should be realized after having an experience with the Haiti earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 having killed 230,000 people that the rescue efforts should be made without any delay.

Till now the death toll in the huge Chile earthquake is 47 and it has been confirmed by the government officials. The relief and rescue operation has started and as it will continue the reports about more death tolls will be received as it is expected that the toll may rise.

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