Bluetooth is one of the most widely used wireless communications protocols in the world. It is used to transfer information between wireless devices in order to sync laptops and PDAs, as well as to connect cellular phones to wireless headsets. Bluetooth is also used as a way to connect wireless networks, since bluetooth devices can send and receive signals, allowing them to be networked with little difficulty.
1. History:
Bluetooth was developed in 1994, by Ericsson, one of the largest providers of mobile telephones. Ericsson joined with IBM, Intel, Toshiba, and Nokia to establish a lobbying group in favor of bluetooth technology.

2. Function:
Bluetooth can connect wireless devices at ranges of up to 100 meters, allowing it to be effectively used for small-scale networking in offices, homes and vehicles.

3. Geography:
Bluetooth signal strength is limited by environment. Interior walls and structures can attenuate the signal, causing it to weaken. Open spaces are best for bluetooth usage.

4. Features:
Because of the way the Bluetooth system is set up, almost any device is compatible with another. A device can connect effectively with a large number of other devices with ease, allowing the system to scale to whatever size is required.

5. Potential:
Bluetooth developers are researching ways to significantly boost transfer speeds to promote faster networking. Bluetooth developers are also working to lower power consumption, allowing customers to connect progressively smaller devices.

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