When I was looking for a T-Shirt review site in India, I couldn’t find one and I ended up buying T-Shirts from around 7-8 sites online.


The good thing about this is now I know exactly where to look for the best T-Shirt in India. Let’s explore what should be the parameters to rank these sites first.

  1. Quality : This is obvious as nobody wants to buy a second-grade product online. However, quality can mean different things, it can mean the fabric quality, the stitch quality or even the packaging quality. However, for the sake of my review, I have focussed mainly on two things, the fabric + the stitch quality.
  2. Payment process & options: The user experience at checkout is important and most of the sites were more or less friendly in this aspect barring a couple of them which were too slow at the checkout step.
  3. Service: Mainly the deliverability as promised and the follow up made after the sale was made was a parameter  for this.
  4. Designs: Variety is something which T-Shirt shoppers love and this one is an important parameter to judge the best sites selling T-Shirts.
  5. Communication: A good e-commerce site is one which connects with the customer at all levels and at all steps of the sale. We checked out this too while reviewing the sites.


  1. Kots :  As the name suggests, most of the T-shirts on this site are 100% cotton. We were at first sceptical about placing an order on this site as we had not heard the name before. However, the designs on this site were too good that we went ahead with the purchase. To our surprise, not only the T-shirts were delivered before the promised delivery date, the quality of the T-Shirts were very good. I checked the same with a local vendor and he said its a high quality 240GSM polo T-shirt. The stitch quality and the fitting was superb and would highly recommend this site to anybody living in India.
  2. Bewakoof : This is another site which stood apart from the rest of general sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. The designs on this site are quite modern and catchy. The T-Shirt quality and the stitch quality is also great.
  3. Redwolf : Even though the designs on Redwolf are great, the quantum of catchy designs are very limited. However, again the fabric and stitch quality of the T-shirts are good enough. However, for delivery of the T-Shirts it took around 10 days which is quite long in today’s fast moving world.

Conclusion: If you like the design, you can order it from any of the sites above as all these sites deliver in terms of quality of fabric and stitch quality. Personally my favorite is Kots as I love Raglan T-shirts and they have a huge collection in Raglan.


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