NFL Playoff

The AFC & NFC division leaders right now are as follows:
AFC East – New England Patriots (10-5)
AFC North – Cincinnati Bengals (10-5)
AFC South – Indianapolis Colts (14-1)
AFC West – San Diego Chargers (12-3)
NFC East – Philadelphia Eagles (11-4)
NFC North – Minnesota Vikings (11-3)
NFC South – New Orleans Saints (13-2)
NFC West – Arizona Cardinals (10-5)

This is the NFC Playoff Scenario as of right now:
1. New Orleans (13-2)
2. Minnesota (11-3)
3. Philadelphia (11-4)
4. Arizona (10-5)
5. Green Bay (10-5)
6. Dallas (10-5)

The Cardinals have a shot to move up a spot in the playoff rankings based on the Vikings.  Arizona will also play Green Bay which is currently amongst the playoff teams for the NFC.  Things will be interesting based on what Minnesota does in its next few games.

The AFC Playoff Scenario is where things get very interesting.  There’s currently five teams who share a 8-7 record competing for the final few playoff spots.  Here’s a look at the situation:
1. Indianapolis (14-1)
2. San Diego (12-3)
3. New England (10-5)
4. Cincinnati (10-5)
5. Denver (8-7)
6. New York Jets (8-7)
7. Baltimore (8-7)
8. Houston (8-7)
9. Pittsburgh (8-7)

All of the 5th through 9th ranked teams want in to the playoffs, but only a few will make it.  Baltimore and New York Jets can ensure their playoff trips with a win in their week 16 matchups, while the other teams are hoping that’s not the case.

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