The love of nature not only includes activities such as hiking, camping and fishing. Capturing these activities through photography is also important. Take nature photographs using these tips and techniques.
Nature Photographs
1. Choose a camera. Search electronic stores and ask a salesperson what type of camera is good for nature photography. Most cameras can take great nature photographs with the right film and settings.

2. Change the camera settings. Get a feel for the different settings on your camera. A setting frequently changed on a digital camera, for instance, is the ISO setting. The ISO setting sets the light sensitivity of the camera’s lens. A higher ISO rating increases the camera lens’s sensitivity. Other settings to change include shutter speed and even flash settings. Read your camera’s manual for more help.

3. Purchase and use a camera tripod. It is especially helpful in low light when the camera has to be still to take better photographs.

4. Buy several different lenses for your camera. Some lenses help filter out unwanted effects such as sun streaking. If you want to take up close photographs of creatures that are hard to see, buy a lens that will allow you to get closer using the camera.

5. Organize the nature photographs. Use folders on a computer for digital photographs. Delete unnecessary and unwanted photographs or put them into a separate file for later use.

6. Acquire photography software for digital pictures. This software is designed so that you can edit your photographs, remove blemishes and enhance your pictures to make them look more professional.

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