Simple steps to take a Nature Tour:
Nature Tour
1. Get to know the area you want to guide a tour in. You’ll want to learn where features like rivers, hills, waterfalls, wetlands and other formations are located. You should also begin researching the flora and fauna existing within that habitat so you can identify a species and know a little about it.

2. Decide what you want to focus your nature tour on. While you can do a broad nature tour covering many areas, you may also want to narrow your tour down for a more in depth approach. For example, offer a bird watching tour or one that focuses on waterfalls within a particular area.

3. Take some classes from a local university or study materials on the topic of your tour. People want knowledgeable tour guides so you must be able to offer people information about the topic. Become an expert about the topic of your tour.

4. Learn from other guides by taking some nature tours others offer. By going on at least a few, you can see how other guides organize and guide their tours. Talk to the guides after the tour and ask them for advice on how to organize your tour.

5. Plot out your tour in terms of what you’ll say and where you will take people along the way. You may want to write out your commentary on note cards or make an outline of the presentation. Do a dry run of the tour by yourself to make sure you have time for everything.

6. Practice by taking a few friends or family members out on the tour with you. This helps you to become comfortable with the material and with speaking in front of other people. Have your friends give you feedback on the tour so you can improve it.

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