Whether you want to view majestic mountain peaks or see whales surface in the Pacific Ocean, Washington has a nature tour to fit your needs. With the diversity of terrain and habitats, you can find many different species of wildlife and birds as well as see some beautiful vistas. Participate in a commercial eco-tour, create a self guided tour or take advantage of Washington’s many free nature tours.
Nature Tour
1. Join a ranger led tour in one of Washington’s national parks. Take a snowshoe tour during the winter in Mt. Rainier National Park. Hike with a ranger in the North Cascades National Park or view waterfalls in Olympic National Park. The national parks offer a wide range of nature tours focusing on wildlife, ecosystems and landscape features.

2. Find nature tours at one of Washington’s many nature and interpretive centers. Whether you’re in an urban area like Seattle or Tacoma or a more remote area, you’ll find many different tours focusing on the particular wildlife and habitats in each location. For example, birders may want to check out some of the tours near Steamboat Rock Peninsula.

3. Float down the Skagit River or raft on some of Washington’s whitewater. You can find both tours that focus on pure enjoyment and those that combine educational material in the tour. Whichever you choose, spend the day enjoying the scenery and feeling of the river beneath you.

4. Whale watch on the Pacific Ocean. Tours leave from various ocean towns and you can choose which method of transportation you’re most comfortable with. Kayak tours get you up close and personal with Orcas and other wildlife in the area.

5. Reserve a spot on a commercial nature tour. Washington has many tour companies offering various tours focused on many different topics. For example, take a horse back tour into the backcountry for a few days or sign up for a climb on one of Washington’s mountains. Choose a length and mode of transportation that best suits your level of fitness and needs.

6. Create your own nature tour. Buy a few nature guides and plot out a route on a hiking trail or scenic byway. Sometimes you just need to forge your own trail and with a few maps and field guides, you can create your own nature tour focusing on whatever you’re most interested in.

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