It is beautiful to have birds, butterflies and other wildlife, visit your backyard. Wildlife will flock to a place that is prepared for them. There are ways to attract nature to where you live, by provided them with things they love. Here are some ways to help make your nature habitat.

1. Food: One way to attract wildlife to your backyard nature habitat, is to provide the food those particular the foods they like to eat.

2. Attract birds to your habitat with bird feeders: Sunflower seeds are great. All birds love them. To attract humming birds to your backyard nature habitat, hang a humming bird feeder with sugar water.

3. Add flowering plants to your habitat: Butterflies will come to areas where fragrant flowers are growing. Some plants that will bring butterflies and humming birds are, butterfly bush, sea holly, milkweed, zinnias, or marigolds.

4. Add a birdbath to your habitat: It is not always easy for birds to find clean water to drink and was in. This will draw dozens of bird to your back yard. This will add daily visitors to your backyard nature habitat.

5. Add nesting boxes to your habitat: Make nesting boxes for birds to raise their young. Place them in a tree, high enough to be safe and close enough to the home so you can watch the fledglings grow in your backyard nature habitat.

6. Put a Pond in your habitat: To build a small pond in your backyard nature habitat, use a child’s pool and dig a hole and place it in, packing the dirt around it add a rock garden will attract frogs, turtles, salamanders and other small creatures which help also control pesky insects.

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