At INR ranging in between 3000 and 5000, the new Wynncom Y 50 is certainly set to tear the market apart. Though it took the risk of forging into a market that is already flooded and cluttered by telephone makers where both national and international players are vying for that greater share of the sales pie, Wynncom is playing proper cards. By pricing its products low, it cans that visibility that any new entrant requires. Although it does not offer great different technology through its phone it at the least offers the much requires features that today’s user’s value.

The phone firstly is a Qwerty key pad phone. For ease of use of the numerous social networking features it offers, the track ball is rightly provided. The phone has a 2.4 inch screen with reasonable clarity. The 2MP camera comes with flash helping you click photographs anytime. The messenger and Snaptu features are more than welcome. From integrating all your contacts and constantly chatting with your friends all is made easy by the Y50. The phone has audio and video players and has expandable memory up to 16GB. The phone is Edge and Bluetooth enabled.

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